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Tacking accessibility + inclusivity at the fundamental stages of career development to provide equal opportunities for all.

Making Mindset coaching available to all our interns to support mental health + wellbeing.

Providing industry-focused experiential learning opportunities to elevate higher education.

Mindless Academy Information Pack 2022.png
Mindless Academy Information Pack 2022.png
Mindless Academy Information Pack 2022.png

We also plant a tree on behalf of each intern who passes through our digital doors!

Partnering with global and local charities to raise awareness and inspire action against climate change.

Developing long-term, strategic partnerships with universities, brands + charities to drive positive social + environmental change.

Mindless Academy Information Pack 2022.png
Mindless Academy Information Pack 2022.png

Environmental Impact

At Mindless Academy, our goal is to leave a mark, not a trace. It is for this reason that we believe so passionately about the sustainable campaigns that we cover each month. Whether that be Sustainable Development Goals, Climate Action, Plastic, or Our Oceans, we want to harness the power of storytelling to elevate voices and raise awareness for these important issues.


For each intern that we welcome to Mindless Academy, we plant a tree to help us on our journey to being carbon neutral. It's crucial to us that everything we do is ethical, full of heart, and gives back to our earth that we love.


Our world is not finite, and the time for positive change is now.


Social Impact

As a society, we need to do more. All around us, there are important social issues that impact us all in different ways. Through our Stuff That Matters campaigns, we strive to heighten awareness around these issues, elevating voices, and bringing together a community to drive positive change. We explore topics such as feminism, mental health, body image, sexuality, and more, and partner with charities and brands to share their work and messages.


Employability Impact

We spend the vast majority of our lives working. With this in mind, why should we spend our days living for the weekend and longing for friday to come. No. We deserve more, and we should demand more from the companies we work for and with. We deserve a positive work culture, we deserve equal pay, we deserve diversity in the work place. Brands need to do more for its employees, for it's workers, for the world. The best way to bring this change? From the inside! Our 94% employability rate allows us to propel our interns into roles within companies, big and small, with a conscious and confident mindset, and an innovative passion to drive positive change.

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