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26th May

The opportunity is open to all Rise eligible students from Nottingham Trent University, with a priority to those who have not yet completed our programme. If you're looking to join us, please get your application form in by Friday 26th May


5th June

You'll be invited to join a live welcome call on Monday 5th June and will be able to access our weekly mindset coaching, digital skills tutorials and content creation briefs from this point onward!


3rd July

All work will be completed by Monday 3rd July

Boost your Mindset,Skills + Experience!

We know it's impossible to get experience without experience. That's where we come in. Are you ready to boost your mindset, learn valuable skills, and gain industry experience?  

If you're looking for an exciting, digital-first, values option, look no further! With Mindless Academy, you receive weekly Mindset coaching, digital skills tutorials and industry-standard content creation briefs to help you build up your published portfolio of work!

Are you a Rise eligible student from Nottingham Trent University?

Apply for our Digital Micro-Internship programme now! Check your eligibility here


Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and self-awareness are highly sought after by employers.


Interns receive weekly mindset coaching on topics including self-awareness, emotional intelligence + more!


Digital skills are in demand and content creation roles are sky rocketing across all industries!


Our interns work through digital skills tutorials on topics including content creation, storytelling, search engine optimisation.


Virtual work experience means fun and freedom. It opens up a world of opportunity for your career!


Our interns create an array of content around important social and environmental issues for us and our charity/brand partners.

Thanks for submitting!

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