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Our Digital Micro-Internship Programme is delivered in partnership with universities that are leading the way in work experience innovation.


These university-funded opportunities are an investment in students' mental health and careers that goes above and beyond traditional employability models.

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Work Experience

The traditional internship model is no longer enough. We often see:


  • Reduced accessibility & inclusivity

  • High cost, low value opportunities

  • A lack of relevant digital skills

  • Insufficient guidance & mentorship

  • Little to no mental health support


Something needs to change. That's where Mindless Academy comes in...

Why Mindless Academy?

We saw a problem; the issues that the traditional internship model brings. We work towards providing equal, diverse, global opportunities to all. 

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Make Our Internships Work for You

Our university-funded programme runs from the first Monday of every month, so you can join whenever you’re ready! There are plenty of ways our programme can be deployed, here are a few ideas that have previously been successful with our existing partners.



Through a personalised application page, we can handle the whole application process for you! We have previously operated on a first-come, first-served basis, so after a 2-week promotion period, we accept a pre-decided amount of interns and keep you updated throughout!



Our Internship programme is also a great way to enhance your curriculum. Many courses offer placement periods and/or require work experience and our Digital Micro-Internship can be a part of that.



If you're looking for a way to reward your students or recent graduates, the programme can be a fantastic way to do just that. By providing a short term, high-value experience, students can bridge the gap between education and the world of work with new-found confidence and perspective.

Kickstart Our Partnership With 3 Simple Steps

As our programme is university-funded, we offer a one-month contract to all new partners so you can sample our work and see the results for yourself without the long-term commitment. So far, 83% of our partners have extended and expanded their partnerships following a trial period, and we’re delighted to welcome new partners on board and to grow the Mindless family even further.


Agree which monthly programme you'd like your students to take part in and how many interns will be taking part.


Promote the opportunities to your students with a personalised social media kit and application form on our website.


Launch our partnership trial by welcoming your students onboard our Digital Mico-Internship programme. Receive regular update reports, social media engagement and programme results through our Partner Portal.


Request Pricing

If you're a university leader interested in partnering with us and the costs associated with our programme, request pricing by filling out the form below. 

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