Company Culture and Inclusivity

During the 2019/2020 academic year, HESA reports that of 329,375 entrants into higher education, only 11.8% came from low participation neighbourhoods.

The term widening participation was developed by the government in order to help target under-represented groups in an attempt to increase its presence in the higher education sector. Government WP schemes aim to get 50% of school leavers into higher education.

“Students from lower socio-economic groups have always found it notoriously difficult to enter and succeed in HE so the government believes extra support should be offered to these students to help them to stay on their courses and complete them successfully.”

Universities worldwide are committing to widening participation in higher education of students from disadvantaged and under-represented groups including:

  • Students from areas of low higher education participation, low household income, or low socioeconomic status

  • Some Black, Asian, and minority ethnic students

  • Mature students

  • Disabled students

  • Care leavers

  • Carers

  • People estranged from their families

  • People from Gypsy, Roma, and Traveller communities

  • Refugees

  • Children from military families

The Importance of Diversity, Inclusion, and Equality in Higher Education and within the Career World.

Embracing diversity, inclusion and equality goes a long way in higher education and the career world and is becoming more expected than ever. Having a healthy, diverse, and positive organisational culture is growing to become a very desirable essential in the workplace.

Statistics show that a company’s culture has a direct impact on employee turnover, which affects productivity, and therefore success. A Columbia University study shows that the likelihood of job turnover at an organization with a high company culture is a mere 13.9 percent, whereas the probability of job turnover in low company cultures is 48.4 percent.

Beyond keeping employees happy so that they positively affect your revenue, having a great company culture can encourage solutions, inventions, or innovations that might not have come to light in a more oppressive environment.

When a worker feels valued and respects her organization, the productivity possibilities are endless.

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