Hybrid Learning Part 1: The Pros and Cons for Hybrid Study for Higher Education

While online courses have always been available, the Covid-19 Pandemic saw students worldwide move online for their university studies. However, with universities across the UK are taking on a hybrid approach to learning, this blog will look at the pros and cons of online learning.

The Pros

1) Time management - while in-person courses run to a planned schedule, online learning can save time and makes time management easier for students. It also cuts out the need to manage travel as you can complete work from anywhere.

2) Planning - Learning is simple, whether in-person or online, but online classes can help more students plan. Topics and materials can be available beforehand, giving students an idea of what is coming up.

3) Comfortable learning environment - While the majority thrive on uni life and the busy campus environment, online studies can create a more comfortable environment for people who prefer a less crowded environment and those who find campus life intimidating.

The Cons

1) Isolation - While some people prefer to study in a quieter environment, online learning can be isolating. Working from your bedroom can make people feel disconnected from the world.

2) Internet issues - Internet and other IT issues can be frustrating at the best of times, but relying on them can be stressful when you are working online. Strong internet is imperative for online learning, and this isn’t always a guarantee.

3) Multiple platforms - While small scale online courses are great, large scale online learning still has its flaws. Institutions using different video platforms and software is frustrating to students. It can confuse students and can lead to decreased satisfaction with their course.

Individual Impact

While online learning can have both positive and negative effects on students, everyone is different. It is important to remember to look after your mental health. The next part of this blog will talk about staying motivated and keeping a positive mindset while working from home.

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