Let's Look Back at April!

April, when spring has sprung (have you seen the UK weather... ☔️), when our jeans just don't quite fit the same due to the vast overconsumption of chocolate, and when we enjoy the trials and tribulations of April fools, National beer day, and more wonderful national days that make no sense, but we love them anyway!

To say that April has been eventful would be an understatement - and lots of exciting stuff has been going on at Mindless too! A small start-up, trying to change our world one story at a time! We have a team partially based in Denmark working full time at LEGO, partially working from their childhood bedrooms, we have interns from across the world - what's not to love!

We hope you enjoy our April roundup! 👇

We gave the website a glow-up ✨

You know sometimes you look in your wardrobe and you think - this suited me when I was 12, but now, not so much... You go through a huge declutter stage and you go down the route of buying more sustainable, timeless pieces that can be edited with accessories, shoes etc? We gave our website the exact same spring clean! We've always tried to find the fine line between professional and fun, welcoming and informative, and it's no secret that to find success in any job or business, there needs to be continuous upgrades and changes. Nothing should ever be complete, it should always be a work in progress.

We gave both the front end and back end a little spruce up, so now we're looking good, we're SEO optimised, and we're raring to go! We use WIX to create our website as they have super clean and modern interfaces, without needing to know the ins and outs of coding. They are super affordable and come with all sorts of extra features that they too, are constantly updating! They get a thumbs up from us! 👍

You're reading this blog post on our website, so whilst you're here, we'd love for you to take a look around!

We upped our LinkedIn Game 👏

We LOVE LinkedIn, and we make sure that every single intern that walks through our digital doors, knows and understands the power and the value of the platform. However, after a busy Q1 focused on partnerships and programme upgrades, our LinkedIn felt a bit neglected so we upped our game! If you are a loyal follower of our LinkedIn (if not, what are you waiting for!?), you will see that we've been celebrating our interns, sharing our top tips and tricks on all things content creation, and created a Networking Group for all of our interns, both past and present, to stay connected!

The team has also been trying their hands at sharing more content on their own pages... For Laurie, this has meant an insight into her life as an Adhoc living in Copenhagen, 24-hour visits back to her homeland of Liverpool, and sharing her 35 hilarious moments each day, which usually involve a spilled mug of cacao, accidental sheer clothing, and/or both.

For me (Georgia here) this has meant sharing some insight into my work as a freelance illustrator and designer (@georgiamaydesign, because who doesn't love a shameless plug!), and new four-legged additions to the working from home scene 🐶

We gained 3 new university partners 🎉

This month has been BUSY! As a result of our outreach heavy Q1, we bagged 3 new partners who we are delighted to be working with this academic year and beyond! We said a big welcome to the University of Salford, the University of Bedfordshire, and Teeside University.

It's always super exciting to receive the email giving you a big thumbs up and always gives us a whole new lease of life! You should hear the oddly high-pitched shrieking noises and see the uncoordinated happy dances that we do after getting off those professional work calls. Every time we imagine being a fly on the wall and collating our reactions, haha! We'll be opening up applications for our June and July programmes with these university partners and more super soon, so keep your eyes out! 👀

We welcomed over 70 interns through our digital doors 🚪

April was a BIG month for our interns. We worked with Leeds Arts University, York St John University, and Nottingham Trent University, to collectively welcome our biggest intern intake of the year so far! We'll soon be planting a tree for each of these interns! 🌳 During our April Digital Micro-Internship programme, the interns created content on important social and environmental issues including Consumerism, Sexuality, and Climate Action, and also worked with one of our incredible brand partners, Refugee Women Connect.

All of the content will be going live over the coming months on www.mindlessmag.com and we're so excited for you to read them! The amount of talent we saw this month was MAD! Not only from the editorial perspective, but oh my, these interns have some creative flair like we've never seen! You'll be able to see even more of the creative content over on our Instagram!

By Georgia Edwards

By Charlie Johnson

We worked with some FANTASTIC charities and brands ❤️

Lastly, but definitely not least, we want to say a HUGE thank you to all of the wonderful charities and brands that we worked with in April. It was probably our most exciting campaign topic of the year to date as we explored the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals alongside More:Trees, Refugee Women Connect, and Tred!

Here are just some of our key takeaways from our Campaign Partners this month:

💰 Did you know that refugees are expected to live on just £5 a day!?

🌳 You can now choose banks that allow you to offset your spending!?

🌎 More:Trees allows you to plant a tree for just £1 - you can even plant trees on behalf of others, send them as gifts...


So that's our April round-up done and dusted. We hope you enjoyed reading our first download of the year and we're looking forward to our May round-up already! This is a super nice way for us to share what we've been up to and look back on our year, as well as a nice way for you to learn a bit more about Mindless Academy and everything we do!

Of course, there's always more that goes on behind the scenes, but that would take a 3 minute read to a 3-hour read, so we'll just keep it brief! We'd love for you to go and give us some love on our socials and if you want to join our Mindless community and get involved, drop us an email at 📧 info@mindlessacademy.com!

Until next time - Mindless team x