Staying Calm: Part 2 - During The Interview

An approaching job interview can be incredibly daunting. 'What if I stutter or get my words jumbled up? What if I freeze on the spot and don’t know how to answer a question?' So many thoughts can swirl around in your head as you enter that all-important meeting room or jump onto that online Teams video call. But, after a few nerve-wracking experiences, I learned how to stay calm and collected during my last interview. Here are my tips:


Breathing, of course, is something we do even when we aren’t thinking about it. But by bringing attention to your breath during your interview, you can help declutter your mind. Whenever your interviewer is speaking to you, consciously slow down your breath so it's at a comfortable and steady rhythm. It’s sure to pull you into the present moment. It’ll also make you focus more on what you’re being asked!

Don't rush

I used to think that interviewers would judge me for taking time to answer questions, but that is rarely the case. It’s much better to consider your response for a short moment than to blurt it out. The quicker you talk, the more likely it is for your nerves to ramp up, making it difficult to answer the following questions as effectively. Take your time and make an effort to slow down your speech. It’ll show the interviewer that you care about responding to the question well and that you’re not desperate for the process to be over.

Show off your personality

Lastly, you don’t have to act like a robot in your job interview. I’ve always found myself to be more successful if I have a bit of a joke with the interviewer or ask questions that allow me to get to know them better. Not only are you proving that you’re capable of taking on the position, but you’re also demonstrating to your potential employers that you’ll make a friendly and confident edition to the team.

If you have an upcoming job interview, I wish you the best of luck. You've got this!

Believe you can and you're halfway there - Theodore Roosevelt

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