Cool Story bro: Cavemen, Shakespeare, and the Greeks

Isn’t it unbelievable to think about the vast scope of language? It’s said that there are now 5,000 active languages that are grouped into language families, of which Indo-European is the most widespread - that includes Hindi, Persian, Norwegian, and English. Language has developed, traversed geographies, and continues to evolve today. When cave art and rock art came into existence, they almost presented themselves as the first type of storytelling in its most obvious form. It was how our ancestors began to share values, teach each other lessons, and really start to use communication as a tool for entertainment too.

An Evolution

Storytelling continued to evolve over the thousands of years that followed but in the 12th century, storytelling leaped forward into various new forms such as myths, legends, fables, operas, and poems thanks to the Greeks. Great storytellers of Ancient Greece were Homer Aesop and they’d used stories to convey messages of morals and magnificent victories. They’d combine spoken word with music and dance and art to entertain.

A lot has occurred since the 12th century, including:

  • William Shakespeare and his exploration of the English language

  • The Printing Press

  • Photographs

  • Radios

  • TVs

  • The internet


Modern Day Storytelling

Today, storytelling really is everywhere. We’ve accumulated so many different methods and ways to communicate with each other and there couldn’t be anything more fascinating than the science, speed, and forms that social media allows us to explore when it comes to storytelling. It’s definitely our most prominent form.

Storytelling is how we connect with ourselves and others, both mentally and emotionally. It’s with ourselves; the stories we have inside our heads, those we create with our thoughts. In connecting with others; stories are how we send messages from one mind to another, pitching. It’s entertainment; books, concerts, late-night TV. It just really is incredible how vast, how varied and how immensely important stories really are.

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