Win a No Win Situation by Rewriting The Rules

Are you a Business student? Here’s why Digital Micro-Internships are perfect for you!

When we think of business, we often wander straight to the world of corporate meetings, suits, big figures, and tall buildings. Whilst all of this can be true (especially if you watch Suits, did you spot the Harvey Specter title reference?), the skills that employers within the business scope desire are different than what you may think!

Upon research into business management roles, a trend began to emerge. The 5 key desired skills appeared to be:

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

  • Highly self-motivated

  • Organised, with excellent time management skills

  • Self-awareness

  • Critical thinking

In interviews, it is very easy to reel off these valuable skills, but the bread is often in the pudding. In order to demonstrate evidence of your suitability for the role, showing your experience in the area can be key.

So how can you boost these skills?

1. Seek opportunities

Having a range of experiences under your belt such as internship programmes, apprenticeships, and volunteer work can very clearly portray your enthusiasm to grow and learn and build upon yourself and the work you aspire to do.

2. Network

Resources and social media platforms make networking easy. Boost your Linkedin profile, connect with like-minded people, connect with fellow alumni and see where they ended up and how they got there!

3. Practice!

As they say, practice makes perfect. The neuroplasticity of our brain means that it can adapt based on recent and recurring events so the more you put yourself out there, the more naturally these skills will come to you.


If you're looking for a new opportunity then look no further - we can make it happen!

During our 4-week Digital Micro-Internship programme, interns are provided with a series of weekly mindset coaching and skills tutorials. Topics explored include self-awareness, self-belief, motivation, and action. Our programme is designed to work alongside studies, but interns are expected to manage their time well in order to adhere to weekly deadlines from the client. Interns are encouraged to network amongst the team, their fellow interns, and also the charity partners and brands we work with each month. With our Mindset, Skills, and Experience pillars, and the continuous support of the Mindless team, you can put your best foot forward!

If you want to hear more about our Digital Micro-Internship programme then explore our website, or get in touch at

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