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What We Do

We partner with universities to deliver our 4-week Digital Micro-Internship programme, a virtual work experience designed to empower students and graduates with the Mindset, Skills + Experience they need to navigate their careers with confidence.


At Mindless Academy, Mindset matters most. Through our Mindset Coaching workshops with Dekan, interns boost practices to evolve their self-awareness, emotional intelligence, resilience and self-belief, developing highly employable soft skills while making mental health a priority.

Digital Skills

Digital marketing, communication and content creation skills are some of the most in-demand skills across any industry today. Our carefully crafted Skills tutorials provide interns with expert knowledge, industry insights and experiential learning opportunities to future-proof their career.


Through our social enterprise, Mindless Mag, we partner with charities and responsible brands, inviting interns to apply critical thinking, raise awareness and drive impact on important social + environmental issues such as mental health, climate change, feminism, sustainability, disability and more.

I realised through Mindless that I am so much more than my degree. Before my internship, I was an economics student, and now I'm working within the Ecomm team at Fred Perry, my dream company!

Tomas Hood

Mindless helped me to secure my Graduate role at TikTok! The Internship helped me to build both the confidence and the skills to progress and has heightened my passion as a digital storyteller.

Bobbie Hall

My time at Mindless taught me I have something unique to offer the world and what I have to say is important. I've taken that mentality forward and am now working as a CRM Intern at the Walt Disney Company!

Meera Barot


Want to find out more?

Find out more about our Digital Micro-Internship programme, application requirements, and how our university partnerships work.

Our 4-week Digital Micro-Internship programme offers mindset coaching, expert tutorials and experiential learning opportunities in skills of the future, to provide interns with a solid foundation for a thriving and future-proof career. 


Digital Micro-Internships

Mindless Academy is the UK's leading empowerment + employability platform. We partner with universities to provide short term, high-value, digital work experience to students and graduates worldwide.

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