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Digital Micro-Internships

Mindless Academy is an empowerment + employability platform partnering with universities to provide short-term, high-value, digital work experience to students and young professionals worldwide.

Our Digital Micro-Internship programme is a 4-week virtual work experience in content creation designed to empower interns with the Mindset, Skills, and Experience they need to navigate their careers with confidence.

Our mission is to drive accessibility and inclusivity at the fundamental stages of career development while harnessing the power of storytelling to drive positive social and environmental change.

Where The Heart Meets The Hustle

Our Digital Micro-Internships put mental health first while offering CV-boosting opportunities within a virtual work environment. In just four weeks, interns learn how to master their mindset, develop skills in digital storytelling and practice thought leadership on a variety of social and environmental issues.


This programme is suitable for students and graduates of all disciplines and abilities. Due to flexibility within the guided schedule, this experience is able to sit alongside work, studies, care duties, and any other commitments interns may have.

Mindless Academy employability statistics,1000+ interns taught in 2021, 94% employment rate, 67% widening participation.
Mindless Academy Intern from LJMU, Loren Hall.

Since Mindless, I've been writing my PhD proposal over the last month or so with the hopes of applying to Liverpool to continue further study, specialising in Victorian literature.


I also got a job interview for a postgraduate English tutor, which was a great experience, and my time at Mindless was a really useful reference to be able to explain my aptitude in digital learning, using online resources as well as writing for different audiences.

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Stuff That Matters

Throughout their time with us, interns create 4 articles that are published at www.mindlessmag.com, our storytelling space for Stuff That Matters.


Here, each month, we explore important social and environmental issues such as sustainability, climate change, mental health, body image, feminism, and more. Through the power of storytelling, we inform, inspire, and empower our community to drive positive change.


Diversity and elevating the voices of the next generation. Diversity, equality.
Elevating Voices

Whilst working on industry-standard content creation briefs, interns are encouraged to deepen their awareness and apply critical thinking to these topics. Their published articles provide the perfect opportunity to showcase their newfound skills and create an online portfolio of work. More than anything, this experience provides a safe space for interns to have their voices heard.

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Mindless Academy digital internship, content creation.
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